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Professionals Trust
High End Aerial Cinematography
Mike Hagadorn of Cloud Level Media
shares why his Hoverfly aerial system lets him
focus on filming, not flying.

Professional Aerial Systems

Hoverfly is a leading provider of professional aerial systems for a variety of applications, including film, public safety, agriculture, and inspection. Our systems are easy to use and offer proven reliability in the field with a variety of payload and control configurations.
HoverflyPRO x1200

Flight Controllers

Experience the smooth performance and unmatched reliability of Hoverfly flight control systems. Our controllers are made in the USA. We also offer control boards for education and experimentation. Contact us for more information.

Agriculture & Inspection

From farms to freeways, learn how Hoverfly systems provide autonomous data capture and delivery using cloud based control and storage solutions. We even offer systems that can provide security and data monitoring for 24/7 live streaming applications.

Hoverfly technology is made in the USA. Our systems are manufactured in Orlando, Florida to the highest quality standards and production.

Professionals Trust Hoverfly
“Hoverfly are the experts at multirotor camera platforms. They know the business inside and out and provide very knowledgeable service. We’re up and running because of great support and well-built machines that feel reliable and safe.”
Derek Hammer - CameraBee
“Hoverfly has been superb with their customer support for me over the last 14 months. Nice to see an American company competing.”
Michael Stephen - New Zealand

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